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You can climb a ladder up to the sun.
or write a song nobody has sung, or do something that's never been done
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14th-Apr-2020 12:11 am - five more minutes
horse and I
"I do not think I am ready."

"It's for that very reason I know you are."

Rise, Kings and Queens of Narnia. All of you.Collapse )
10th-Apr-2020 01:04 am - not shy and fatal
the naming of things
"After all we're not really needed here anymore."

"I will look after it until you return."

He was liking Peter very much, but was rather tongue-tied.Collapse )
31st-Oct-2011 03:31 pm - Voice Post//on the move//wild horses
no u didn
Firstly, I'd like to apologize for anyone I met at the shore.

[Especially if he tried to drown you.]

Secondly, I wish to issue a warning: Destrier is loose. If you see him do not make any attempt to harness him. Call for Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy, or myself. I cannot be anymore serious, do not attempt to apprehend my horse.

[Because that horse is trying to find other horses to eat.]
// for narnia
[It's silence. A little bit of water splishing. Then singing. It sounds something like this.]

Hatred enfolds us...inculcates the minds with its heresy.

Laymen enfold us...clemency arrives to set you free.

[ooc: Action welcome! He's prowling the waters around the Dawn Treader. Beware. Also sdlkjfglsad sorry for disappearing I locked myself out of his account during the great LJ Login debacle ~__~;]
28th-Sep-2011 10:02 pm - Voice Post//Home//Make It Work
♘ we never change
I had good reason to complain about today's decision to replace all manner of finery.

Now I do not.

[ooc: The photo is an attachment taken in handheld typical social networking style, without the text of course! Backdated to a couple hours before midnight!]
Family - once and always
There's a safe place for everyone no matter what may be happening in this world at this very moment, and the Dawn Treader is no exception.

If you arrive as friend, not foe, and check your arms at port, then you're invited to stay aboard the Dawn Treader tonight. We the Kings and Queens of Narnia welcome you.

[ooc: Informal party on the dragon boat! No servants except for the Pevensies and a Telmarine but there's food and drink and some music. The purple sail will be down of course. And action tag friendly!]
31st-Aug-2011 08:15 pm - Voice Post//Home//THE TREES
Cas - say whut
They may be shedding most unnaturally but at least they are not walking.
// ahoy
I've found my horse!

[Destrier snorts.]

I've found my ship!

[ooc: Feel free to board the Dawn Treader but only if you're friendly. Narnians won't stand for mutiny 8( Also...they have no doubloons sry 2 say.]
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